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Can Using a Humidifier in the Winter Benefit My Phoenix Home?


Arid air is predominant in Phoenix, especially in the winter. In general, the relative humidity in this desert city is low. Plus, combined with heating systems, indoor air can be uncomfortably dry. Phoenix residents who run a humidifier in winter will improve the comfort of the home environment.

Winter in Arizona will be exceptionally dry this year. Due to weather patterns and the effects of La Nina, Arizona is on the path to experiencing less than average precipitation. During the months of December through February, the weather in the state will be drier than average.

Phoenix winter temperatures are relatively mild, with the nighttime lows rarely dipping below the freezing point. December temperatures hover around 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Cool and comfortable as the winter season’s weather is, some homeowners will turn on the indoor heat.

Switching on the heating system will dry out the interior parts of the home. The dry indoor air can cause problems for the home’s occupants. Breathing dry air can worsen respiratory and skin conditions. Nosebleeds, dry eyes, and a sore throat are common outcomes of dry indoor air.

An effective way to combat the ill effects of dry winter air is to run a humidifier inside the home. A humidifier introduces moisture into the air. Per the Environmental Protection Agency, maintain the indoor humidity to between 30 and 50 percent to promote a healthy home environment.


Moisture from a humidifier prevents dry skin and chapped lips

What are the pros of running a humidifier?

Running a humidifier in winter offers numerous health benefits. Cold and flu viruses travel easily in cold air, but the moisture from a humidifier renders most of them ineffective. Virus transmissions are reduced, since the moisture causes airborne viruses to become too heavy to float around.

Moisture from a humidifier prevents dry skin and chapped lips. Heightened indoor humidity offers relief to allergy sufferers by soothing the tissues in the throat and nasal passages. During the night, the additional moisture also soothes the throat tissues and reduces snoring.

In addition to health benefits, using a humidifier in winter is essential for home maintenance. Wood furniture tends to crack when subject to prolonged bouts of dry air. Wood requires a constant level of moisture, and a humidifier provides the moisture it needs to remain at its best.

Static becomes more prevalent in the dry winter months. A home that is well humidified has less static electricity. Humidified air also feels warmer than the dry winter air. Homeowners who feel warmer in winter will turn down the thermostat and thereby save on energy costs.

What are the cons of using a humidifier?

Using a humidifier to introduce moisture into the Phoenix home has few drawbacks. The main disadvantage occurs when the humidifier is left unmaintained. Humidifiers require regular maintenance, and dirty ones can breed mold and bacteria. Prevent health issues by cleaning the humidifier often.

People who suffer from allergies and asthma are at greater risk for health issues when the humidifier filters or reservoirs are dirty. Even healthy people will experience flu-like symptoms or lung infections as a result of the contaminated mist or steam released by an uncleaned humidifier.

Overusing the humidifier can also lead to water damage issues. Water stains may develop on the walls and ceilings, for instance. In the winter months, condensation may form along the windows. Paint may peel, crack, and blister. Mildew and mold growth is a result of humidifier overuse.


The filter inside the humidifier should be changed at specific intervals

How is a humidifier maintained?

Humidifier maintenance includes changing the water frequently. Homeowners are advised to empty the tanks, clean the insides, and refill with clean water on a daily basis. Every three days, eliminate mineral deposits from the humidifier tank by washing with a three percent hydrogen solution.

The filter inside the humidifier should be changed at the intervals recommended by the manufacturer. The areas surrounding the humidifier, such as the curtains, carpets, or tablecloths, should be kept dry; if they become damp, turn down the humidifier. Replace old humidifiers that have accumulated bacteria.

Does using an air filter improve air quality?

While running a humidifier is an excellent solution for dry winter air, an air filter offers its own benefits. In fact, both a humidifier and air filter can be used at the same time. Especially during the cold season, the air filter will lessen the effects of winter air pollution.

Air filters work by trapping contaminants in the air. When used in conjunction with humidifiers, air filters improve the overall quality of indoor air. Combining an air purifier and a humidifier will also lessen the transmission rate of viruses, like the coronavirus, which causes the Covid-19 infection.

While running a humidifier in winter is advisable for Phoenix residents, homeowners must use them properly in order to reap the benefits. Clean the humidifiers often, and avoid overusing them. In the event water damage occurs, call ServiceMaster All Care Restoration for water damage cleanup.

Water damage can be caused by not only humidifier overuse, but by burst pipes, flooding, appliance malfunctions, and sewage backups. Homeowners will need expert assistance to quickly restore the property. Count on ServiceMaster All Care Restoration for efficient and swift service.

Skilled technicians from our reputable water damage restoration service will promptly arrive and evaluate the extent of water damage. Using advanced equipment, we extract all excess water. Powerful dehumidifiers and air movers are set up throughout the home to remove surplus moisture.

Our crews clean affected areas and water damaged materials, returning your home to its pre-loss condition as fast as possible. We also work with your insurance company to accelerate the claims process. If a mold infestation has developed, our specialists remove all traces of mold.

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