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What to Do If Your Home in Scottsdale Has Water Damage

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Water is an essential part of our lives. People use water to keep themselves clean, to wash dirty dishes, and to maintain proper hydration. Without water, people would be unable to lead healthy lives. However, as important water is, it can also be harmful. Your home, for example, can suffer serious damage due to excess water and moisture.

Home water damage can occur in numerous ways. There are internal issues like pipe leaks, pipe bursts, sewage backups, appliance leaks, and more, and there are also natural causes like heavy rainfall and natural flooding. But regardless of what sourced it, home water damage is something that must be addressed in a prompt manner.

Many of the building materials used to construct homes and buildings, such as drywall and wood, are porous in nature. This means that they naturally absorb any excess water and moisture that they encounter. Until the water issue has been resolved and the moisture has been eliminated, the affected materials will continue to sustain damage. Knowing this, you need to act immediately if your home in Scottsdale, AZ has water damage.

Continue reading to learn how to respond to home water damage.

Address the Water Source

Prevent water from continuing to spill into your home

Address the Water Source

In any case of water damage, the source must first be addressed before any restoration efforts can be done. If you fail to stop or repair the source of the water or moisture, then the damage will only worsen. Any water damage restoration efforts will be ineffective.

For example, if a burst pipe caused the water damage, then you first need to take care of that to prevent water from continuing to spill into your home. Otherwise, the water will keep adding to the damage. In this case, shutting off the water supply will stop any more water from creating further issues.

Because immediate action is crucial in any situation regarding water damage, this step is especially important. The sooner the water source has been stopped, the sooner the damage can be restored.

Document the Home Water Damage

When your home suffers water damage, you should document the damage by taking pictures, recording videos, and taking detailed notes. This documentation will be necessary evidence for your insurance company when you file a claim. Furthermore, this documentation will help you keep track of how much harm occurred and to what.

However, it is important that you prioritize your safety. That said, do not risk going into your water-damaged home yet if you cannot document the damage in a safe manner.

Identify Your Home Water Damage

All classes of water damage should be treated with professional help

Identify Your Home Water Damage

There are different categories of water and classes of water damage. These categories help determine the hazardous nature of water and water damage. Water falls into three different categories, distinguished by the numbers 1, 2, and 3:

  • Category 1: clean water that is safe to drink and comes from a sanitary source
  • Category 2: gray water, which is water that has been contaminated and is unsafe to consume
  • Category 3: water contaminated by hazardous materials that could result in illness or even death

If you are dealing with either category 2 or 3 water, then handling water damage restoration on your own can be unsafe.

Similarly, there are four different classes of water damage:

  • Class 1: concerns the lowest amount of damage, affects a smaller area or a room and has a slow evaporation rate
  • Class 2: concerns damage involving carpeting, flooring, and entire rooms; damage has wicked a foot or more up the walls
  • Class 3: concerns situations involving rooms where walls, flooring, and other porous building materials are completely saturated; has the fastest evaporation rate
  • Class 4: concerns unique situations where affected materials have low porosity but have had enough time for proper saturation

All classes of water damage should be treated with professional water mitigation help, but the need for expert assistance becomes more necessary the higher the class of water loss.

Contact a Professional for Water Damage Restoration Help

While there might be some home water damage situations you can handle yourself, there are many scenarios in which it is better that you seek help from a professional water damage restoration company. If your home has experienced water damage, then do not hesitate to seek help from a professional. The damage will only worsen with time and encourage further harm from mold growth.

At ServiceMaster All Care Restoration, we provide emergency water damage restoration services to residential and commercial properties in Scottsdale, AZ.

Within our services, our professional technicians will provide water mitigation and flood restoration that ensures your home will be restored to its pre-loss state. We evaluate the damage, remove excess water and moisture, thoroughly dry the affected areas, and clean and restore the damage. Our professional technicians will return your home to a living space that is clean, safe, and comfortable.