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What Type of Winter Weather Should I Expect in Phoenix, AZ?

The plentiful rays of sunshine in Phoenix, Arizona, are welcome by those living in and visiting this desert city. While the weather here is typically hot most months of the year, the winters can get chilly. When taking a trip to Phoenix, visitors can expect the following winter weather conditions.

What are average winter temperatures in Phoenix?

The months from October through April are considered the most pleasant, with balmy temperatures hovering around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. October’s average high is 88 degrees Fahrenheit; November’s high reaches 75 degrees Fahrenheit; and March temps hover around 76 degrees Fahrenheit.

Winter months in Phoenix, however, turn cold. Late December and early January are the chilliest months in the city. The average high in December and January is 67 degrees Fahrenheit, with average lows during these two months reaching 44 degrees Fahrenheit (well above the freezing point).

Cold streaks are rare during Phoenix’s winter months. But if a cold streak were to occur, the desert city would experience highs in the 50s and lows in the upper 20s. Normally, however, Phoenix temperatures rarely drop to below 37 degrees Fahrenheit during the cold season.

Phoenix winters are generally known to be mild. Some winter nights, however, may prompt visitors to grab a blanket and switch on the heat. Occasionally, nights during the cold season can drop to below freezing. Cold air masses are responsible for pushing temperatures to below 35 degrees Fahrenheit.


Snowfall is so rare in Phoenix that a meager inch is considered significant

Does it snow in Phoenix?

Rainfall is more likely to be seen in Phoenix than snow. The city’s annual rainfall is nine inches. In comparison, the rest of the US has 38 inches of rain every year. Precipitation does fall, but only during 33 days on average each year.

Snowfall, sleet, rain, and hail are forms of precipitation. Precipitation is only measurable when at least 0.01 inches fall to the ground. While the rest of the country averages 28 inches of snowfall per year, Phoenix averages 0 inches of snow annually.

Phoenix’s metropolitan areas gradually expanding. As the size of the city grows, certain residential areas, especially those situated along the high foothill elevations of the valley, are starting to experience snowfall. In most of the city, however, snow rarely falls.

In fact, snowfall is so rare in Phoenix that a meager inch is considered significant. One inch of snowfall occurred at the city’s federal building at Central and Filmore on January 21 and 22 in 1937. Up to four inches were reported in what is now the metro area.

Generally, typical Phoenix winters lack snow of any measurable amount. On December 21 and 22 in 1990, a meager 0.4 inches of snowfall was recorded. On December 11 in 1985, just 0.1 inches of snow was reported. The amount of snowfall during these days was scanty but measurable.

What are winter storms like in Phoenix?

As winter storms enter and pass through the city, they tend to leave behind some of the coldest air of the season. As recently as this winter, freeze warnings went into effect across the Phoenix metropolitan areas. Low temperatures hovered around the mid-30s.

High terrain areas, like those in the north, can experience lows in the single digits. Snowstorms are unlike those in the Midwest or East Coast. Rather, snowstorms in Phoenix consist of a mix of rain, sleet, and meager amounts of snowfall.


Phoenix boasts of its only outdoor ice rink called CitySkate

What are types of winter activities in Phoenix?

While visitors to Phoenix will not find enough snow to snowboard or ski, they will discover a wide range of activities to pursue during the winter months. Winters are extremely mild with many days of clear, blue skies, which make outdoor activities a real treat, even during the cold season.

Phoenix boasts of its only outdoor ice rink called CitySkate. The ice rink can be enjoyed from the end of November until January. The CitySkate ice rink hardly compares to Rockefeller Center; but, for Phoenix (the hottest city in the United States), the ice rink is a winter indulgence.

While strolling through an outdoor garden during winter is not realistic for much of the country, visitors to Phoenix can do just that. Las Noches de las Luminarias in Phoenix is a yearly festival at the Desert Botanical Garden. Visitors see breathtaking desert scenery even in the midst of winter.

Winter in Arizona is enjoyable, especially considering its temperatures are regularly in the 60s. November is one of the most pleasant months in Phoenix. The BestPlaces Comfort Index gives winters in Phoenix a high score of 8.7 out of 10.

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