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How to Prepare for Arizona’s Monsoon Season

Monsoon Season

The state of Arizona is known for its deserts, canyons, rock formations, and dry heat, so it is not a place people often think of when it comes to rainfall and thunderstorms. But come the summer season, Arizona can experience these severe weather conditions.

From mid-June to late September, Arizona and other areas in the southwestern U.S. experience monsoon season. During this time of year, a combination of heat, dry winds, and moisture create conditions that lead to severe storm formations known as monsoons. Monsoon storms in the southwest can feature thunderstorms, heavy rain, and flash flooding.

Given the abundance of precipitation, water damage to your property becomes a greater possibility. Knowing this, it is important to not only prepare your home, but also you and your family for the potential threats that Arizona monsoon season can present.

Clean the Gutters

Gutters are instrumental in protecting your home from precipitation. Any water that collects in the gutters is directed away from the building by the downspouts. This ensures that water does not pool near your home and instead is sent a safe distance away. However, with time, it is normal for your gutters to accumulate foliage and other debris.

The issue with such accumulation, though, is that it can clog the gutter. When your gutter is clogged, water cannot successfully drain and be directed away from the building. Rather, the water accumulates, runs over the edge, and pools near your home. This makes it easier for water to seep into your home through the foundation, causing water damage.

During monsoon season, heavy rainfall can mean a large amount of water will be left sitting right next to your home. Take the time to check your gutters and clear them out before monsoon season arrives.

Check and Repair the Roof

Your home’s roof is a key line of defense in protecting you and your family from outside elements and forces. But your roof will be ineffective if it is in poor condition.

Roofing undergoes standard wear and tear due to their exposure to the elements, animals, and other outside forces. This can cause shingles to become damaged or even go missing. As a result, water can seep into your home and cause water damage. During the Arizona monsoon season, the high winds could easily force shingles to become detached from the roof, and the precipitation can then leak into the building.

Before monsoon season is here, make sure your home’s roof is in good condition. Check that shingles are secure and install replacements and make repairs if necessary. If you prefer, you can also hire a professional to inspect and repair your roof instead of doing the work yourself.

Conduct Landscape Maintenance

monsoon season 2

The strong winds of a monsoon can be forceful enough to cause damage to your property.

The strong winds of a monsoon can be forceful enough to cause damage to your property. The winds can blow around outdoor items in your yard and cause tree limbs to break off and crash into your home.

Knowing this, tend to your yard and landscaping before monsoon season arrives. Bring contents like lawn furniture inside so that they cannot be blown around and knocked into your home. Additionally, consider trimming branches of trees near your home. While this does not guarantee outside forces will not damage your property, these actions minimize the potential.

Improve Your Home’s Strength

Additional measures you can take to protect your home during Arizona monsoon season include strengthening the home itself.

For example, you can install shutters for your windows to provide further protection during a storm. This can be especially helpful if you have older windows because they often are not strong enough to handle severe weather.

Prepare and Plan Ahead

You and your family should have a plan in place for emergencies, including Arizona monsoon storms. This plan should designate several meeting places — should you get separated — and out-of-area emergency contacts. Every family member should have a copy of this plan, and it should be reviewed periodically to ensure that everyone understands it.

In addition, create an emergency kit full of supplies for your family, including your pets. The kit should have a battery-powered radio, spare batteries, copies of important documents, necessary medications, nonperishable foods, water, and more.

Professional Restoration Services

If your home suffers damage because of the weather conditions brought by the Arizona monsoon season, then act immediately to prevent further harm.

Any water that has affected your home will continue to cause damage until it has been removed and properly addressed. Porous building materials will continually take in the excess water and moisture. Additionally, if storms have also ruined your property’s structural integrity, then they need to be stabilized promptly to prevent potential collapse.

If you live in the Phoenix, AZ, area, then ServiceMaster All Care Restoration can help you in the aftermath of damage caused by an Arizona monsoon. We provide professional water damage restoration for homes and businesses in need.

Our professional water damage restoration technicians will remove standing water by using water extraction equipment. We will also apply anti-microbials to prevent mold growth and use specialized equipment to conduct deodorization work if needed. With help from our professional water damage restoration services, your home will be thoroughly dried, cleaned, and restored to a safe environment again.

Furthermore, if your home’s structure has been left in an unstable condition, our standard restoration work will not be sufficient. However, we can still help through our professional reconstruction services.

Available 24/7

ServiceMaster All Care Restoration is available on a 24/7 basis for the emergency water damage restoration services we offer to residential and commercial properties in Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding areas. Contact us by calling (623) 486-0700.